February 13, 2011

The reminder - A (Very) short love story

Love can make us do crazy things...Love unleashes our smarter self...Love makes us look gullible & meek...Love is mature...Love is kiddish...

Love makes us feel empowered...Love is intimidating...Love is charming...Love is suffocating....Love is liberating....

So many contradictions yet thats what keeps us going....

It's been 40 years since we grew in this relationship and will continue to grow. Times have changed since we met. Our love has been witness to the changing times. The changing times has been witness to our love.

As I sit next to your grave, I understand you will not be with me. But your love has always been much larger than your own sweet self. Your love has been selfless. Your love will continue to grow in your physical absence and it will help me to enrich my life.

But I am feeling incomplete.I feel like a lesser being.I don't feel any amount of optimism will ever fill the vacum that has been created by your absence.

[The cell phone rings. It's a reminder message which reads "Water the flowers in the garden or else honey shall scream ;-)".]

I guess I should make a move. A move from 'this graveyard' to 'our garden'.