November 30, 2008

Mumbai Meri Jaan....

I am shocked,remorse stricken,scared and upset about the sad incidents which have taken place in Mumbai...I thought of writing about my experience in the 12th NHRD National Conference meet but I am unable to do so.....May be later I will share my experience....

Let me get back to the Terror Attacks in Mumbai....Such cowardly attacks by terrorists have become common but I really hope that this attack on Mumbai serves as a wake up call for the Government Authorities....Mumbai has never seen an attack of this magnitude ever and it's truly horrifying....

I somehow agree with the sentiments of a well known public celebrity when she said in a news channel that it's not the time to stay calm rather it's the time to really voice out your true sentiments in public so that it compels the concerned authorities to take right actions and our lovely Mumbai is not vulnerable to any form of terrorism.

I was thinking what can HR community do in this situation. I came out with an idea....

I feel the HR community in all companies should make genuine efforts to provide help to the victim's families whenever any terror strikes our country[but I really hope this one was the last attack] so that the victim's families don't have to accept compensations and reactive help[rather than proactive help] from the government as it's the negligience on the part of government which leads to such barbaric terror attacks.....

We the 'Human Resource Proffesionals' are first 'Human' then a 'Resource Proffesional'. So let's show that genuine 'Human' side of this immensely noble proffesion.

I would request all my readers to pray for the victims, their families and especially the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives in order to save many of us.....Jai Hind...Love you Mumbai....

November 23, 2008

Real Estate and Human Resources......

What's the connection between Real Estate and Human Resources?????????

1. Real Estates as such does not have a monetary value of it's own. What grows on it or what can be built on it decides it's real monetary value.
Simmilarly, the real utility of a person decides his monetary value[salary] at workplace. In other words; the person's capacity and performance decides his amount of salary.

2. Your present investment decides the benefits you can reap in future. That holds true for both Real estate and Human Resources.

3. There are several external factors that might effect the monetary valuation of both.

4 There is a constant threat of being overvalued or undervalued.

November 15, 2008

'Executive education programs help companies create a smarter workforce'

Executive Education Programme

EEP[Executive Education Programme] seems to be a buzzword among the corporates.
Companies seem to be investing on it increasingly....Educational Institutes offering such courses are mushrooming everywhere.... ISB has also planned to open a new campus in Punjab...

So the question is that does such programmes really help in building a smarter work force?

Yes!!!! It Helps!!!!!

The above mentioned line certainly holds true if EEP adds value in terms of
the following:

1. Greater readiness for taking more complex and critical job
assignments post Executive Education Programme.
2. Improvement in performance related to current job assignment post
Executive Education Programme.

Hence, in order to evaluate the degree of seriousness with which a company executes it's Executive Education Programme, the company needs to do a deep analysis of the above mentioned two points.

Major Investment
Companies invest a vast amount of resources in such pogrammes. So it becomes very important that the employees do not have the following attitude towards the programme:

1. Treat the programme as a mere necessity for performance appraisal
report ie. minimum training prog attended etc.
2. Only a nice liesure time or break from the routine work.

The employees must clearly realise the amount of investment on them and what is the expected return on investment from them.

Back to School Days
Once in a while you have to concentrate on the basics. All executive programmes must have tests/exams [not considering Executive MBA in this case] which can ensure that the participants are nimble footed and agile during the course as it has been observed that most institutes have examination patterns only for their Exec MBA and not for certificate programmes.

Just like any other B-Schoolers ; they should submit a well documented assignment based on their key learning and feedback.

This is how it helps
An EEP will help your company's workforce get smarter in the following ways:
1. Provide them with a perfect oppurtunity to get disconnected with
routine work yet find out various ways to improvise their work in a
much relaxed environment.
2. Learn ways to put mangerial expertise in their respective functions.
3. Do a realistic assesment of their current managerial knowledge.
4. Have some fun as everyone loves to go back to school :-)

November 5, 2008

11 ways to be a happy employee...

Well!!! I am sorry for not updating my blog lately...It's exam time and I am really busy with my academics...Exams will get over on 12th November...Hopefully I will be more active then....

Meanwhile, I came across this article today in regarding 11 ways to be a happy employee. Very relevent in the turbulent economic times when job stess and job insecurity are some of the critical issues.

Happy reading!!!!