October 26, 2008

Hey!!!!!! I got quoted in Metroplus[Hindu Supplement]

I got quoted in yesterday's article which appeared in Metro Plus. Click the link and find out more!!!!!!

October 21, 2008

Slowdown hurts recruitment companies....

My friend; Purvi Shah[a recruiter] mailed me the following link in reference to the above heading....
Thanks Purvi!!! An interesting article....

October 20, 2008

Is your work culture OCTA-PACEd??????

According to Prof T.V Rao ''The attributes that go into making a healthy culture can be spelt out as OCTA-PACE- Openness, Collaboration,Trust,Authentic,Pro-action,Autonomy,Confrontation and Experimentation. OCTA-PACE has been found to be directly linked to the financial performance of a company, and special importance should be given to strenghten it''

October 19, 2008

Won the 'Best Manager-Chanakya' at Daksha 2008

Dear Readers!!!

It gives me immense pleasure to inform that I have won the prestigious 'Best Manager/Chanakya' award in the inter-college management contest organised by SSN School of Management & Computer Applications, Dept of Management Studies on 17th October 2008[Friday].

I also won a cash award of Rs 5000 along with the certificate.

I really feel that my defeat in MMA Debate finals helped me winning the 'Chanakya' title this time. I tried using the lessons which I learnt in MMA Debate finals and it helped ;-).

The best part was that many of my MSSW class mates were there to cheer for me and it really helped me to catapult my confidence. I thank them wholeheartedly.

October 15, 2008

Jet Airways to give Pink Slips to it's employees!!!!!!

Jet Airways has shown the gates to more than 850 flight attendants according to the news media.

This comes as a shock to not only the employees who have been sacked but also a number of students who are on thier way to build their career in the aviation sector.

This comes shortly after the plans of a cost cutting alliance between Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines.

Shri Praful Patel says 'I have full sympathies with the employees who have the situation of having to face losing of jobs... But it is an HR issue of the airline and the government can do little about it," .

The following thoughts come to my mind in reference to the above:
  • It's an HR issue and beyond
  • It's an ethical issue
  • Steps must be taken to provide employability training[By the Company and/or Government] to the sacked employees in alternate sectors or they must be provided with an alternate employment oppurtunity in the aviation sector.
  • HR students must deeply think on the topic 'What they would have done if they were the HR Associate in Jet Airways in this situation'.
  • Personally; I would have stopped this from happening in the best of my capacity and if failed then I would have joined a different company with immediate effect.
  • My only message to the sacked employees from Jet Airways is that ' Life might seem tough now but have patience and a towering belief in yourselves. Please don't be bogged down. You have enough and more reasons to follow your heart now. I am sure better days are ahead for you all so be strong and confident than ever before. God bless......

October 1, 2008

Spirit of Durga Puja

'Temple priest has rung his bell,

A cloud of smoke from candles and lamps Haloes the Goddess,

glowing bright

This beat of drums both maddens and dulls.

The incense burns: so heady the musk,

Our senses flounder in the flood.

This endless chant of sacred words

Soon drugs our lips and stuns our minds'

-Srinjay Chakravarty

I wish all my readers a very 'Happy Durga Puja'. I pray that Maa Durga brings immense happiness and success in your life.....Jai Maa Durga...