January 7, 2008


I am not very sure as to why I am writting this article today.May be because of the effect created from the song 'Maa' from 'Taare Zameen Par' or because I probably don tell my mom the sentence 'I love you maa' that very often.

'Maa' is probaly the first word we all exuded after we were born in Mother Earth.We used that word as an assurance that somebody is there to make us feel secure and cared for.Each time I used to find my mom not around; I used to feel terribly shaken[Yes!! I do remember...].

Each time Mom sat with me to help me with all the divisions and multiplications of numbers with the most humungous amount of patience ; it confused me as to who was supposed to eventually write the exams????

Each time Mom used to feed me the meals with her hand , I used to feel that overeating was a virtue.

All the above and more are clear examples of the love and compassion any mom is synonymous with.I have been also blessed with the same. So much does a mother keep doing for their children on an everlasting basis. But what does she ask in return????

* A great academic progress report for yourself.
* A great health for yourself.
* A decent career for yourself .
* A supporting life partner for yourself who would love you unconditionally etc .

Well!!! read the above points again and you would find a striking tone that would make you feel that all of them are your primary need in order to lead a happy and well settled life. So ultimately these wants of a mother are also giving and selfless in nature completely directed towards our wellbeing.

Have we ever paused a little to realise what they really want from us????

It is certainly our very own 'happiness' which often comes from a lot of sacrifice from our mother's end.

But we need to give them all what they deserve from us, which is a little bit of understanding and massive level of love,assurance & care.

The below mentioned quote which I read in the internet few days back[Sorry I can't remember the person who quoted the below mentioned] deeply sadens me-

'Please take good care of your children as they will ultimately decide the quality of your old age home'

We have possibly not come to such a state in our country but we certainly dont get to see the kind of love and respect they deserve being associated with.

I believe their world has always revolved around our lives so can we do the same for them too?????

I will leave you with this thought as I get ready to give my mom a surprise hug.

-Saikat Saha