December 30, 2007

Welcome 2008

My journey through 2007 was the same in terms of the plethora of emotions that I came across in all the other years but extremely different in terms of the experiences I have been through...I believe thats the way it's gonna be till the penultimate year of my life...

It was a good share of joy,achievements & friendships and a not so good share of loss,pain & turbulence...But then I believe it was the same for all you folks too...

Yes!!!! we got 'some' and we lost 'some'...At the flagend of this year, we need to know that was that 'some' we lost and got really worth the emotions and energy we had invested on them????

Certainly 'yes' & 'no'...

My resolution for the new year is to have more number of 'yes' at the end of 2008.

Sorry for the aforesaid philosophical note...

On a more level headed note 2008 is gonna be a very crucial year for me...A year when I would be actioning on some of the critical decisions I took recently...

From mid February I would be preparing for my CAT and XAT exams in the persuit of getting into my dream Business School ie XLRI or TISS or MDI or MSSW[As they are the best for Human Resource studies].. I have to put my heart and soul into studies in order to realise my dream...
Now getting into any of the above mentioned B-School[Preferably XLRI :-)] would be a serious challenge...My score alone would not decide my fate into the Business School...Perfect preparation for Group Discussion and Interview is also needed...My profile also needs to look ultra awesome..So it's gonna be an action packed journey...

Now let me discuss the most important events of my year 2007-

  • My graduation from MCC- Felt awesome after becoming a BBA graduate from MCC. Finally three beautiful years in the college came to an end. I was happy to be blessed with all the learnings and friendships I garnered but felt remorse stricken while saying good bye to the friends and proffessors.

  • My Campus recruitment- Getting recruited by one of the best employer of the country was delightful.

  • My HR project from a fortune 500 company-It was on 'Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence at workplace'. I stood first in the dept.

  • India winning the Twenty-Twenty world cup- Though not a personal event but still a day to be cherished. Felt extra patriotic that day.I remember doing three cheers for India in the office. Would have been happier if Saurav DADA was also in the team.

  • My first day in office- I was really excited.Very nice induction session.

  • My ILP training-Awesome learning and awesome fun.All the trainers were too good.

  • THE FIRM decision on MBA-Well this decision is one of the most serious decisons I have taken in recent time and my year 2008 will completely revolve around it.

To sum up I am happy with the way 2007 went by.Among the key things I am looking forward in 2008 are as follows -

  • Preparation for CAT & XAT Exam,GD & PI.

  • Reading some good books.

  • Key learnings from my work experience[little more than 8 months].

  • A bit of Yoga and Reiki.

  • Expert Language Certification[English] from British Council.

  • Six pack abs.

  • Acting in atleast one play[theatre] after CAT exam.

  • All the Shahrukh Khan releases.

  • Reading newspaper regularly.

  • Drinking lots of water[Dad complains I drink very less of water!!!!]

Well enough!!!!

Wish all of you a happy,prosperous and healthy new year!!!!

Have fun!!!!!

-Saikat Saha